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Forese falls behind in GOP Corp Comm primary


Tom Forese

Tom Forese is out at the Arizona Corporation Commission after running an uninspiring campaign that publicly cost him a partnership with his fellow incumbent.

Unofficial results show that incumbent Justin Olson and Rodney Glassman have secured the nomination in the Republican primary for two open seats on the Corporation Commission.

Olson and Glassman defeated Forese, chairman of the commision, and Republicans Jim O’Connor and Eric Sloan.

Olson, who began as Forese’s running mate, dodged rumors of their split for weeks.

But the rift became public when Olson criticized Forese’s record during a debate hosted by The Arizona Republic, which Forese did not attend.

Olson and Glassman will face off against Democrats Sandra Kennedy and Kiana Maria Spears, who defeated Bill Mundell in the Democratic primary. Kennedy and Mundell, both former commissioners, ran as a team on the promise of restoring public trust in the body responsible for regulating public utilities.

Whichever two candidates ultimately win in November, the election means a shakeup at the commission that could hold serious consequences for the state’s largest utility, Arizona Public Service.

The company spending practices in previous elections cast a shadow on the commission and its members, Forese perhaps most notably among them. Now, the commission may soon revisit retail electric competition rules, threatening APS’s position as a regulated monopoly.

Arizona Corporation Commission By The Numbers

814,176 votes cast


Tom Forese 16 percent

Justin Olson 25 percent

Rodney Glassman 23 percent

Jim O’Connor 22 percent

Eric Sloan 15 percent


667,307 votes cast

Sandra Kennedy 45 percent

Bill Mundell 27 percent

Kiana Maria Sears 28 percent

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