2014 elections

Aug 17, 2018

APS withholds spending in Corp Comm primary elections

The state’s largest utility is staying out of the Republican primary race for two open Arizona Corporation Commission seats, risking a shakeup that could have serious ramifications for the company.

Dec 19, 2014

Due diligence: Governor-elect Ducey’s transition slow but steady

People close to Governor-elect Doug Ducey often use words like “deliberate” and “thoughtful” to describe his approach to tasks, and that is being borne out by the relatively slow pace of his transition team.

Dec 19, 2014

Endangered species: Clean Elections continues its decline

With each election cycle since the end of matching funds, Clean Elections has become an exceedingly less potent force, a trend that led to near-record lows in both participation and success in Arizona’s public campaign funding system.

In a Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014 photo, Martha McSally, Republican candidate for Congressional District 2, enters a ballroom for an election party, in Tucson, Ariz. On Monday, Nov. 10, lawyers for McSally are asking a judge to block the counting of some provisional ballots in her race against Democratic Rep. Ron Barber. Monday's request for a restraining order comes a day after Pima County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez refused a demand that she stop verifying provisional ballots that lack an election worker's signature. (AP Photo/Arizona Daily Star, Mamta Popat)
Dec 17, 2014

McSally defeats incumbent Barber in CD2 recount

More than a month after Martha McSally declared victory on election night, a judge made it official this morning and declared her the winner over U.S. Rep. Ron Barber in Arizona's 2nd Congressional District.

Dec 17, 2014

Recount results due today in Barber-McSally CD2 race

The results of a recount in the nation's last undecided congressional race from the midterm elections are set to be revealed Wednesday by an Arizona judge in a move that will determine the size of the GOP majority in Washington.

Dec 11, 2014

2nd District machine recount of 220,000 votes done

Cochise and Pima counties have finished recounts of nearly 220,000 votes cast in the too-close-to-call race between Democratic Rep. Ron Barber and Republican Martha McSally.

Dec 10, 2014

Arizona cited as a ‘special place’ for dark-money operations

Dark money in campaigns has become an issue nationwide but in the words of one expert, Arizona “really is a special place for dark money.”

Dec 4, 2014

CD2 recount underway, could face further legal challenges

Arizona’s first recount of a congressional general election in history is underway, but not without the first of what may be many legal challenges to the process.

Dec 4, 2014

CD2 recount of 220,000 votes starting

A recount in southern Arizona's 2nd Congressional District race between Democratic incumbent Ron Barber and Republican challenger Martha McSally is set to begin.

Dec 2, 2014

State Supreme Court rejects delay in CD2 recount

The Arizona Supreme Court denied a request to delay a recount in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District, made Monday by a collection of Pima and Cochise County voters who contend the recount procedures set out by the secretary of state violate state law.

Dec 1, 2014

Provisional ballot numbers improve in 2014

Despite the near-record low voter turnout this year, the official canvass of Arizona’s 2014 general election yielded good news for the state regarding provisional ballots.

Dec 1, 2014

CD2 recount set to begin with McSally 161 votes ahead of Barber

The first recount in a congressional general election in Arizona history is set to begin, with U.S. Rep. Ron Barber hoping to buck history and overtake Republican Martha McSally on a second try.