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Here comes solar’s nuclear option

A ballot initiative filed today takes aim at several tactics used by utilities that critics say are meant to undermine rooftop solar. The initiative would preserve net metering, allowing customers to get paid the full retail rate for excess energy produced by their solar systems.

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A hello that lasted for an inning

Gowan was spotted sitting in the front at last night’s Diamondbacks Opening Day game. The speaker’s appearance (somebody had taken a photo of the game’s live coverage on TV) raised some eyebrows, since lawmakers aren’t allowed to accept tickets to sporting events from lobbyists, and front row tickets don’t come cheap.

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Cara Nicole Trujillo: ‘Arizona Powergirl’ runs for the Legislature (access required)

Cara Nicole Trujillo might be a new face on the Arizona political scene, but in the comic book world, she’s a legend. With more than 37,000 fans on Facebook, the “Arizona Powergirl” cosplayer (a contraction of costume player who wears costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character) just declared her candidacy to run for Tempe’s Legislative District 26 seat.

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