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Jan 30, 2023

Should federal grants favor highway repair over expansion?

Arizona officials refer to a notoriously congested stretch of desert highway through tribal land as the Wild Horse Pass Corridor, a label that's less about horses than the bustling casino by the same name located just north of where the interstate constricts to four lanes.

SRP panel gives final approval to $1M donation
Oct 28, 2013

Rail and roads

The iArizona Committee is headed by Mesa Mayor Scott Smith and backed by a broad coalition of local politicians, construction contractors and business interests. Their ultimate goal is to boost Arizona’s economy and status as a transportation hub connecting Los Angeles, Dallas and Mexico, as well as linking Arizona’s manufacturing and economic hubs to one another.

Feb 28, 2013

Prudent oversight or political football: Highway bill rolls along

A state Senate bill is raising the question of how many committees it takes to build a highway in Arizona. The measure would require a legislative committee to review most new highway construction projects as a final hurdle before work could begin.