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Jun 27, 2019

Opioid crisis fix attracts foreign counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs

Based on our counterfeit opioid drug crises, it’s important to “know your source” when it comes to your medication and beware of advertisers offering large discounts on foreign prescription drugs. Lawmakers and citizens should be skeptical of any proposals to “legally” allow the foreign importation of prescription drugs into the U.S. and placing Americans at risk.

(Photo by Evan Wyloge/Arizona Capitol Times)
Apr 4, 2014

Medical marijuana supporters decry PTSD research bill halt

A UofA researcher wants to look into how veterans' post-traumatic stress might be alleviated using medical marijuana, but a bill that would have funded the research stalled. Supporters of the research rallied at the Capitol wednesday.

medical marijuana
Jan 15, 2013

Medical marijuana supporters tout new poll, detractors undeterred from efforts to repeal system

A new poll of Arizona voters shows a healthy margin of support for the state’s medical marijuana program, narrowly passed by voters in 2010, while some state lawmakers prepare a new ballot measure that would eliminate it.