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Feb 1, 2023

Pumping Mississippi River water west: solution or pipedream?

Waves of torrential rainfall drenched California into the new year. Snowpacks in the Sierra Nevada Mountains have swelled to more than 200% of their normal size, and snowfall across the rest of the Colorado River Basin is trending above average, as well. While the much-needed water has improved conditions in the parched West, experts warn against claiming victory.

Sen. Adam Driggs, R-Phoenix, authored a bill that would create a pilot program offering current and former foster children tuition waivers at Arizona’s public universities and community colleges. (Cronkite News Service Photo by Lauren Saria)
Feb 12, 2013

Lawmaker seeks university tuition waivers for foster kids

An Arizona lawmaker wants to help more foster children have access to a college education, giving them a period to transition between their childhood and entering the adult world.

Oct 24, 2010

Ending ‘affirmative action’ guarantees fair treatment for all

Affirmative action job quotas, minority contract set-asides and extra points in college admissions are wrong and it’s time to get rid of them. Achieving “diversity goals,” however well-intentioned, often amounts to the functional equivalent of a quota