Warren Peterson

Apr 6, 2022

GOP senators have doubts about tourism bill

A measure to let the Arizona Office of Tourism sell goods and services to raise money is drawing opposition from some Republican lawmakers who see it as "a scandal in the making.''

May 13, 2021

GOP senators keep distance from election audit

With their ongoing audit, as with all discourse about the 2020 election, almost all Senate Republicans have fallen into one of two camps: banging the drum about election fraud claims believed by huge segments of their base, or ignoring the recount a few blocks north to focus on legislation.

Aug 30, 2016

Petersen defeats Lindblom in key East Valley Senate race

Rep. Warren Petersen has defeated Jimmy Lindblom in a race for the conservative heart of the East Valley.

Feb 21, 2013

AZ House OKs bill requiring workers to prove eligibility to get unemployment benefits

The Arizona House of Representatives has approved a bill that shifts to workers the burden of proving that they're eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.