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Not the endorsements she was looking for

If Gov. Jan Brewer is looking for support for a 2010 run, Rep. Nancy Barto might not be the best person to turn to for support. At a legislative wrap-up breakfast today sponsored by the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, emcee Chip Scutari asked a panel of Barto, Rep. Chad Campbell and Rep. John Kavanagh whom they thought would be governor in January 2011. Given the opportunity to go first, Barto instead began talking about Brewer’s longtime commitment to mental health issues and detailed several health care bills that have moved through the Legislature this session. Scutari gave Barto a pass and moved to the other two panelists. Kavanagh answered, “I think Gov. Brewer has a very good chance, and if she gets rid of the sales tax, an excellent chance. And in the interest of bipartisanship, I want to give Rep. Campbell (who is bald) my complimentary shampoo.”

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