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What are ‘rogue’ conservatives aiming for? (access required)

While Sarah Palin's latest political maneuvering has her headlining the National Tea Party Convention beginning today (Feb. 4) in Nashville, Tenn., the GOP establishment must be considering what John McCain's former vice presidential candidate's future plans really are.


  1. Your Readers might consider joining our new Centrists Group at Linked In and might like to look at my new blog for and about Centrists, The Rest of U.S.

    Extremists have become so loud, they’re deafening. And because they shout in perfect sound bites, the media birddog their every rant, however irresponsible or outrageous.

    But we believe the political tide’s about to turn with a vengeance. No matter their party affiliation or lack thereof, Americans are disgusted with those who harass to harass, obstruct to obstruct, tear down to tear down. Compromise, consensus, bridge-building, and respect for differing viewpoints have been the hallmarks of American life as long as there’s been an America. We’re certain they will be again.

    Please read: The Rest of U.S. – Who We Are and What We Stand For

    If you like it, please circulate to your family, friends, and colleagues. Or perhaps to your favorite extremist!

  2. I am an American citizen who worked overseas. I am an independent who once voted for President Obama. I am beginning to like Sarah Palin. I think she can be a very good and effective POTUS one day. If she runs for POTUS 2012, I am leaning towards voting for her. I do not care what the pundits and elite media are saying that she is a dummy who went on different colleges just to finish a degree. The most important thing is she had reached the top of the ladder thru her own guts and initiatives. It is proven many times that a person who came from bottom reaching to the top through tough times are the ones best leaders. As what Alexander the Great once said, “Great Kings and Great Leaders are not born to become one, they are trained with toughness to become one.”

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