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$500K donated to defend immigration law

Retirees and other residents from all over the country were among those who donated nearly $500,000 to help Arizona defend its immigration enforcement law, with most chipping in $100 or less, according to an analysis of documents obtained Thusday by The Associated Press.

The donations, 88 percent of which came from through the defense fund’s website, surged this week after the federal government sued Tuesday to challenge the law. A document from Gov. Jan Brewer’s office showed that 7,008 of the 9,057 online contributions submitted by Thursday morning were made in the days following the government’s filing.

Website contributions came from all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, and nearly 2,000 came from within Arizona. Donations ranged from $5 to $2,000, with the vast majority between $10 and $100.

The Arizona law includes a requirement that police enforcing another law must investigate the immigration status of people if there is “reasonable suspicion” to believe the people are in the United States illegally.

Brewer and other supporters say the law will prompt illegal immigrants to leave the state and that state action was required by a failure of the federal government to secure the border.

Opponents say the law will promote racial profiling and is unconstitutional because regulating immigration is reserved for the federal government.

Donors contacted by the AP said they contributed because the federal government should be helping Arizona, not taking the state to court.

“Arizona needs our help,” said Mary Ann Rohde, a retired municipal worker who lives in Rialto, Calif., who donated $20 with her husband. “It’s a disgrace what our government is doing.”

Howard E. Sanner, of Houston, said Arizona’s approval of its law should help prod the federal government to act on border security to help prevent criminals and terrorists from entering the country illegally.

“It’s just a mess that has to be straightened out,” said Sanner, a retired clothing and linen salesman who said he supports legal immigration and donated $5 to the fund.

With the federal lawsuit, the law enacted in April and set to take effect July 29 is now the subject of six lawsuits now pending in federal court. Other plaintiffs include civil rights groups, individuals and several Arizona municipalities.

Brewer established the Governor’s Border Security and Immigration Legal Defense Fund with an executive order on May 26. Her office said the state had received about $10,000 in unsolicited donations from people in dozens of states by then.

It’s unclear what the state’s legal costs will be in defending the law. Snell & Wilmer, the Phoenix-based law firm representing the state in the pending challenges, told a federal judge Wednesday that its lawyers were working late into the evening to respond to all the filings in the cases.

Citing the crush of filings in the case,
U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton has imposed limits on the size of so-called “friend of the court” briefs filed by groups in support or opposition to the law.

Brewer hired the private lawyers to represent the state even before the Democratic attorney general, Terry Goddard, agreed to Brewer’s demand to withdraw from the state’s defense. He had opposed the legislation but said he was willing to do his duty to defend the state law.


  1. Unknown to the American people under the requirement of 2006 Secure fence Act, within days of being ratified, Sen. Kay Baily Hutchinson, sponsored by Sen. John Cornyn, (R-TX) attacked a major provisions of a second independent fence. It was then gutted under a very quiet act entitled the 2006 The omnibus Consolidated Appropriations bill. As a blogger I had to dig deep to find any mention of cutting funding, to this originally mandated law to build two separate parallel fences stretching along the Mexican-US border. So now four years later we have this violent nightmare existing on the border, that now has come back to haunt the cynics of the–REAL–border fencing. Indirectly these Senators who gutted the auxiliary fence are entirely to blame for the deaths on the border of the Cattleman, law Enforcement, US Border Patrol officers and even illegal aliens. Governor Brewer has created a fund and a website, http://www.keepazsafe.com, in mid-June to fight Prez Obama and his attorneys a right to protect Arizona and its policing laws. Brewers state government has already collected $500.000 dollars from patriotic contributers. HAVE YOU GOT A FEW DOLLARS TO SPARE? Americans have a right to protection, when the US government considers that a corrupt administration over the border fails to protect its own people..It seems very unlikely that the drug cartels and Mexican military encroachment across the border would have been extremely difficult of passing through two fences.

    The fact that the US Border Patrol would have had more momentum, to patrol between the tracks constructed by road crews between the steel and concrete fence and the 15 foot high chain link fence adorned with razor wire.in the interior. Arizona as with California, Texas and New Mexico are the first line of defense against the 20 to 30 million foreign nationals residing illegal in this country. It looks like with each administration, Barack Obama, his Liberal progressive Czars have no intentions of enforcing the 1986 Ronald Reagan, Ted Kennedy or John McCain immigration law or even revising its contents. They want to reinvent it, so the illegal alien criminals who broke our law get–AMNESTY. If the Tea Party or millions of patriotic Americans have anything to do with this insane open door syndrome, it will never happen. Specifically now have alerted to the US population that supporting the unskilled, poor and wanton are costing taxpayers 113 billion dollars annually, according to FAIR. Another gigantic minus of $60 billion dollars earned by illegal aliens in the U.S. each year and being money-transferred out the country. This being Mexico’s largest revenue streams (after exports and oil sales) consists of money sent home by legal immigrants and illegal aliens working in America.

    Arch Enemy of immigration “Rule of Law” is Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), who because of the dense population of illegal alien workers in Nevada, is now playing politics with American sovereignty. Nevadans must be on their guard of illegal voting for Reid in the coming elections as he is Pro-Amnesty. As for California the estimated number of foreign nationals in the state is perhaps 10 million overall, so voting days must be carefully watched as should absentee ballots for voting violations. Democrat Barb Boxer is another Pro-amnesty enthusiast and must be wrestled from her political nest egg. Reid also must go as every other incumbent who is kowtowing to illegal alien constituency as with California. We as citizens-legal residents must make sure these people are—NOT–reelected. Closely scrutinize any new politician relating to their platform on illegal immigration. The power of our vote can refute them access to Washington or State government. Demand they follow the “Rule of Law” We as American voters must bombard all federal and state lawmakers at 202-224-3121 NumbersUSA has an immigration grading system showing who should not be reelected in primaries or November. Facts, figures and other statistics at Immigration Counters.

  2. Blue Collar Republican

    Let’s face it guys, we’re paying one way or another. Our jails are full of illegal immigrants and they cost more per capita than college scholarships. They also are carrying across drugs and we are paying for the repair to our kids and schools. The only way out is to elect officials that are committed to seal the border. We’ve shown a will to act and Washington has shown us that we’re on our own.

    I’m voting for Steve Moak for AZ’s 3rd district. He’ll lead on this issue and also has a track record of helping kids get off (and stay off drugs). The politicians and lawyers talk a good game but no one has any record of action and accomplishments.

    The only way to a safe border is in the voting booth!

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