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Capitol Quotes: Nov. 12, 2010

“If I’m lucky enough to spot any of them at the Capitol this session, I’ll ask them.” — Rep. John Kavanagh, when asked if he expects Democrats to support a proposal to give the Legislature more authority over money the federal government gives to the state.

“It shouldn’t be called a jobs bill. It should be called an economic recovery package.” — Sen. Steve Pierce, on Republican plans for an economic recovery bill.

“I think he’s stretching his wings and seeing how far he can go.” — Outgoing Rep. Bill Konopnicki, on Russell Pearce’s approach to the Senate presidency.

“I?think it was what we anticipated: overrepresentation of Republicans at the polls — Republicans who were energized and excited to get out and vote — and underrepresentation of Democrats — Democrats who were basically apathetic and not turning out to vote — and the prediction that independents who turned out were going to shift right.” — Sen. Rebecca Rios, analyzing the anatomy of her defeat.

‘You’re going to see a fracture in the caucus, which works for me since I thrive in chaos.’ — Sen. Ron Gould

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