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Central Avenue, Phoenix c. 1928

By the 1920s, Murphy's ash trees formed an archway over Central Avenue.

The photograph of Central Avenue in the 1920s shows the famous ash trees planted by pioneer William J. Murphy. Thye secord photograph is a 1903 view of the home he built on Central Avenue in the Orangewood subdivision, far north ...

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Sirens, Courtesans & Ladies of Ill-Repute

Bettie – no last name – in Tucson in the early 1900s.

Frontier Tucson had a red-light district like most Western towns. In the late 1870s and ‘80s, prostitutes operated along Maiden Lane in the Wedge between Church and Main. (The Wedge was later demolished to allow for the widening of Congress ...

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The Shrine at the Casa


Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexico, of the Americas and of the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix. The mosaic being dedicated was erected by the Franciscan Renewal Center (the Casa de Paz y Bien) in 1954 on ...

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The Road Once Traveled (access required)


For those who think that the most treacherous way of getting from Arizona to California is in a Ford Explorer equipped with Firestone tires, this picture of the Plank Road built in 1915 is a reminder that there might be ...

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