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New lawmaker profile: Rep. Karen Fann, R-Prescott

Rep. Karen Fann, R-Prescott (Cronkite News Service photo)

Rep. Karen Fann, R-Prescott (Cronkite News Service photo)

Name: Karen Fann

Chamber: House of Representatives

Party: Republican

Profession: Business owner, highway signage and guardrail installation.

Hometown: Prescott

Legislative District: No. 1, which reaches from the southern portion of the Grand Canyon National Park south to Prescott and east to Winslow (excluding Flagstaff).

Committee Assignments: Energy and Natural Resources; Environment; Transportation.

Previous or Current Elected Offices: Prescott city council member; Chino Valley mayor; Upper Verde River Watershed Protection Coalition, chair; Central Yavapai Metropolitan Planning Organization, chair; Yavapai County Contractors Association, president.

Highlights of Community Involvement: Talk radio host specializing in dissecting issues for her listeners, 4-H.

Why She Ran: “With Lucy Mason being termed out and retiring, that left that seat open. I had a number of people that came to me and said, ‘Lucy’s termed out, and we really need somebody strong down at the state Capitol to help move things forward; that understands municipal governments and the needs of our municipalities and our citizens.’”

Her Focus: “Let’s get people back to work. Let’s get the budget balanced again. Let’s get the state back on track. And once we do that, we can seriously say, ‘Now we have the resources, we’ve got people paying their mortgages again, and we can start tackling some of the other bigger problems that need to be tackled.’”

A Bill: A primary sponsor of HB 2416, which would require women to see an ultrasound and listen to a fetus’ heartbeat before receiving an abortion.

Reporting by Heather Billings, Cronkite News Service


  1. Yet another hypocritical Republican extremist enters the ranks…whoopie!
    Fann likes to rail against Obama and the government but doesn’t reveal that her and her brother Mike make a good portion of their income from government road building contracts where they overcharge for blacktop surface, concrete, guardrails and safety signs. If it wasn’t for the government she would be broke. Don’t know what’s in the water in the Prescott area but they sure turn out their fair share of whack-jobs…Tobin, Pierce et al.

  2. Remember when you see Karen and her brother sporting about in their fancy BMWs, it’s your tax dollars at work.

  3. Tucson Alarm Company

    (RINO) State Representative Karen Fann, District 1, attacking our civil liberties.

    HB 2185 shall allow for all cities to demand all information from alarm companies, without a court order, regarding our confidential client information. The City of Tucson alarm ordinance required alarm companies to send the Police a complete list of all clients’ information, updated every month. I refused to do so, I protect my client’s information from unreasonable search and seizure, so TPD threatened to arrest me. They never followed through, but with Steve K’s recent threats against businesses who do not submit to the City Council, by denying licensing, I need to kill this bill.

    This is what Republican Legislature Fann thinks is a priority this year. She wants to override legislation Senator Antenori and I had passed last year, outlawing Cities from demanding alarm client information, without a court order. Police Departments want full client list sent to them and updated every month. Police also have demanded confidential information regarding investigation on alarm customers. Police can’t obtain a court order for this information, so they want the Legislature to allow them to bypass your alarm companies right to protect your information against unreasonable search and seizure. The Arizona Alarm Association is supporting this Bill, they include members such as ADT and many other National Alarm Companies.

    Our association, the Arizona Alarm Dealers Association is fighting back alongside (R) State Senator Michele Reagan. She is Sponsoring legislation, this year, to protect your information and help in lessoning regulations that kill Arizona based alarm monitoring companies. She has worked with us for 2 years on fighting for Arizona Business and defending you. Please let Rep Fann know to get out of bed with the League of Cities and the pockets of the National Alarm Companies.

    Sponsored by District 1 State Rep Karen Fann
    Phone Number: (602) 926-5874 Fax Number: (602) 417-3001
    [email protected]

  4. Karen Fann is now the Chairman of the Transportation Committee, in the House. Doesn’t her company sell to the State Transportation Department? How did that one slip buy? SWEAT! Karen get a new BMW out of this one and we sell out car to pay for it.

  5. I lived in Verde Valley area for a very long time…. When these people started their “Upper Verde River Watershed Protection Coalition” we knew it would affect our area badly… This seemed to come of no concern to the Prescott area’s… Now the Verde Valley area Verde River is in trouble. They are speaking now of rain water collections and other answer’s due to this… I don’t think Karen Fann see’s the whole picture of the area’s affected by the choices to promote herself in the area she lived… She saw her own promotional aspect’s though did not share this for other parts of AZ that are shared by Prescott… I don’t think someone like this should be the soul candidate for State Senator District 1…. Saddens me 🙁 I watched our beautiful river be depleted so much over the years since that Coalition took place! How can we send this woman who couldn’t see what this would do to a neighboring community into the Senate? How is she supposed to see what’s good for the whole state when she couldn’t see a neighboring community and the damage that may be caused by this “Upper Verde River Watershed Protection Coalition”

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