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Rep. Andrea Dalessandro, D-Green Valley

Rep. Andrea Dalessandro, D-Green Valley

Name: Andrea Dalessandro

Chamber: House of Representatives

Party: Democrat

Profession: Retired math teacher and CPA

Hometown: Sahuarita

Legislative District: 2, including parts of Tucson, South Tucson, Green Valley, Sahuarita and all of Santa Cruz County.

Committee Assignments: Government; Reform and Human Services.

Previous or Current Elected Offices: Precinct committeewoman, state committeewoman.

Highlights of Community Involvement: Scholarship chair for the American Association of University Women and member of the League of Women Voters and Rotary International.

Why She Ran: “I came to Arizona in 2004 … to retire, but shortly after I arrived, I saw them taking money away from public education, systemic defunding of public education.”

Her Focus: Support funding for public education and specifically programs for English Language Learners.

Bills: Plans to introduce a bill this session or next to provide an alternative to the four-hour block model used in the state’s English Language Learners program.


  1. Dear Rep. Dalessandro,

    Our cat is stuck on top of a power pole in Sahuarita. TRICO won’t help. The firefighters came, but said their rules would not allow it. Our cat will die from starvation or dehydration in the next few days with us watching it happen.

    Is there no way to get TRICO to bring a bucket truck and some non-conducting poles out to help us?

    I am calling everyone, anyone to help: newspapers, PETA, Humane Society…and TRICO every few hours.

    Marilyn Kerley
    cat at:17240 S. La Canada
    Sahuarita, AZ 85629

  2. Please have your husband give me a call about his hearing next Thursday 28th of Feb at the VA in Phoenix. My phone is 520-730-6069.

    Dan Ross

  3. I would like to thank you for supporting Postal reform. We need to stop the prefunding, no business can sustain this so why does the post office has to. That bill is a suicide bill if it continues it will kill the postal service. Also open the postal service to other business opportunities like maybe we could sell gift cards, greeting cards. we need to support the rural areas to continue to deliver on Saturdays, if that stops the postal service will loose billions more dollars. Thanks for your support mike

  4. As Democrats we need to be speaking out more against the BIG LIE! and explain more about exactly what the Republicans are up to. . If we don’t start talking plainly to the public we will be living under a authoritarian rule. Instead of DEMOCRACY.

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