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Trial set for suit over health care at prisons

A 2014 trial date has been set for a lawsuit by Arizona prison inmates over the quality of health care at the state’s prisons.

The trial has been set for Oct. 20, 2014.

The suit accuses corrections officials of having a deliberate indifference toward the suffering of prisoners and failing to correct problems after they were brought to their attention.

The lawsuit alleges there aren’t enough health workers in prisons to treat inmates and that critically ill inmates were told to be patient and pray to be cured after they begged for treatment.

Prison officials have denied the lawsuit’s allegations that the medical care for inmates is grossly inadequate.

The inmates who filed the lawsuit nearly a year ago recently won class-action status that lets other prisoners join the case.

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  1. There is no excuse, none, for the Arizona Department of Corrections to behave in a inhumane manner. It looks like the only difference between the inmates and the administration is who wears the uniforms. We as a society need to make lawbreakers better, not worse, with their stays in prison. We ought not to behave with the same indifference to pain and suffering, or even be responsible for it, like these inmates. Prison officials, fix the problem or be forced to join the inmate population. See if you like that.

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