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Arizona lawmakers move to revive election bills

2012 canvass

Elections officials certify the 2012 election results on Dec. 3. (Photo by Ryan Cook/RJ Cook Photography)

Arizona Republican lawmakers are again working to revive a series of divisive election bills that opponents say will limit Democratic and Hispanic voter turnout.

Lawmakers are slated to debate the election bills Thursday and opponents are asking their supporters to lobby lawmakers against the provisions.

Democrats who support Gov. Jan Brewer’s Medicaid expansion plan opposed by conservative Republicans say the GOP-leadership wants to revive the election bills to stall the budget approval process.

Some Senate Democrats have said they won’t support the proposed Medicaid expansion plan in the state budget if it also includes the election bills. Brewer needs Democratic votes to get the Medicaid overhaul passed.

The election bills seek to trim the state’s permanent early voting list, among other measures.

Voter-friendly groups say that would limit participation.


  1. anne schneider

    i thot this was a joint conference committee….your story implies that these election bills are being folded into the budget…. is that correct?


    anne schneider
    asu political science professor

  2. Dirt Cheap Tile

    Why no one will go after the builders of our state and others and out new home builder from using companies that has been breaking federal laws to state laws that are using unlicensed contractors on job sites. These people that sing a W9 to pretend to be a unlicensed contractor and ninety percent of the people are undocumented workers. That one person hires more undocumented workers .. They come into your homes , There are felons , no back ground checks , NOTHING>
    These companies that do the flooring for these New home builders has nothing in place to make sure that there sub contractor are hiring Americans.
    They are suppose to be employees of these sub contractors , not unlicensed contractors because they give out W9;s to anyone that will work for prices that no one can work for without breaking laws.
    Companies that holds there contracts to do the flooring for the new home builders have nothing in place to make sure they are following any of the laws that are being broken.
    Home owners that get remodeling done from these companies have nothing in place to make sure there sub contractors have back ground checks to be even a American.
    I proved this once, I can prove it again , Just want someone to do a story on this . Middle class deserves our jobs back. Along as these builders are only paying to the companies that have the contracts to do the work is paying there sub contractors so little that the math will not add up to show that our jobs are being taken and has been taken by sub contractors that has no problem with breaking all the laws of our state.
    I want my job back, Middle class that has jobs in the construction trades has been taken away from these companies. Nothing being in place that will stop this from happening. So many easy ways of making this stop. From the Federal Gov to the states we live in. I was on TV and proved everthing I had said. Now I cant get anyone to make this on a bigger level that will get the Americans out jobs back before we allow laws being broken . The only people getting benefiting this is the builders. While people like me that has to fight to stay in business by leaving the new home builders because I cant work without breaking laws. These companies knows this is happening , But the states will not give out jobs back. These are thousands of jobs , from Commercial to Residential . These New home builders knows this. They build for our communities , Where is the patriotism behind this ?
    If you want proof. Call me, I can proof anything I had said and more.
    I want my job back and all the middle class wants the same things.

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