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Gov-candidates-quizThese questions will determine how closely you’ve been following the early stages of Arizona’s 2014 election campaign. Answer them all correctly and you are automatically qualified to run for the office of your choice.

1. Which of these has Sen. Al Melvin NOT vowed to do if elected governor?
A.  Create a school voucher program.
B.  Pursue Texas-style tort reform.
C.  Unfriend the federal government on Arizona’s Facebook page.
D.  Push for the creation of a deep-water port in Sonora, Mexico.
E.  Eliminate Arizona’s income tax.

2. During a campaign visit to Graham County, House speaker and congressional candidate Andy Tobin said he is not a big fan of “anchor babies’’ because:

A. “I wasn’t one of those.’’
B. “They are illegal under Article 1 of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.’’
C. “I have no idea why they’re called ‘anchor babies.’’’
D. “I have a nephew who is an anchor baby and he’s been nothing but trouble.’’

3.Which candidate recently attended the Flinn-Brown Civic Leadership Academy in Phoenix, whose stated goal is to train future leaders for the state?

A. Former Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman, explaining that he sought out detailed advice on which statewide office he might win.
B. Treasurer Doug Ducey, who attended a session on how obscure officeholders can become governor.
C. Former County Attorney Andrew Thomas, who took part in the plenary session on how to overcome minor obstacles such as getting disbarred. D. John Molina, who attended the academy, then quit his job as a doctor to run for governor.

4. Secretary of State Ken Bennett, a candidate for governor, impressed the Japanese ambassador during a recent visit by:

A. Showing him the only known copy of President Obama’s birth certificate.
B. Speaking fluent Japanese.
C. Explaining how he could win an election for governor starting with $56,000 in seed money.
D. Revealing his secret “can’t-miss’’ plan to overhaul Japan’s tax code.

5. Although it remains a mystery how much former executive and current gubernatorial candidate Christine Jones will contribute to her own campaign, knowledgeable sources say it is likely to be:

A. $35, the same as her annual contribution to public television.
B. $1 million.   No, make that $1 billion.
C. $5.  The competition is way overrated.
D. A nice, round $9 million.

6. Republican leaders reportedly met with Sen. Michele Reagan to talk her into running for the Arizona Corporation Commission instead of secretary of state because:

A. Her extensive expertise with election reform makes her overqualified for the job of secretary of state.
B. Her lack of experience with utilities makes her a perfect candidate for the Corporation Commission.
C. She would most likely get elected secretary of state and go on to become governor.
D. Her candidacy would create unwanted competition in the Republican primary for secretary of state.

7.The ongoing court battle over higher campaign contribution limits probably won’t be resolved until:

A. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Mark Brain revises his previous ruling and issues an edict favorable to everyone involved.
B. The Court of Appeals gets fed up with Brain’s rulings and dumps the new law for good.
C. The state Supreme Court gives final approval to the new contribution limits in time for the 2018 election.
D. It’s anybody’s guess.

8. Attorney general candidate Mark Brnovich stood up for the principle of public prayer in which important case currently before the U.S. Supreme Court:

A. Town of Greece v. Galloway
B. Galloway v. Board of Education
C. Marbury v. Galloway
D. Galloway v. Arizona


Bonus Question

Which Democratic member of Congress is considered most likely to retain his/her seat in the 2014 elections?

A. Ann Kirkpatrick in the 1st District.
B. Kyrsten Sinema in the 9th District.
C. Ron Barber in the 2nd District.

— Tom Spratt

Answers to election quiz:

1. C

2. A

3. D

4. B

5. D

6. D

7. D

8. A

Bonus: B
The campaign for governor
Match the candidates with the key issues facing their campaigns
1. Doug Ducey                A. Low name recognition beyond core of supporters.
2. Ken Bennett                B. First big question:  Will he qualify for the ballot?
3. Christine Jones         C. Biggest handicap may be voter registration figures.
4. Al Melvin                     D. Considered an early favorite despite a lack of name recognition.
5. Andrew Thomas       E. Potentially strong candidacy could falter do to a lack of money.
6. Fred DuVal                 F. Success in 2014 could hinge on voters forgetting slow start in 2013

Answers to the campaign for governor quiz:

1. D

2. E

3. F

4. A

5. B

6. C


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