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Author Archives: Tom Spratt

Charlie Brown’s Saloon (access required)

Built by Charles O. Brown (the taller man at left in the photo), a gambler said to have been a crack shot who carried several notches on his gun, the Congress Hall Saloon was the unlikely spot where the first Territorial Legislature in Tucson convened. The Capitol building, a series of adobe rooms with dirt floors and mud roofs, was spurned by lawmakers, who preferred to caucus at San Agustin Cathedral and hold informal meetings in the back room of Brown’s establishment.

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These questions will determine how closely you’ve been following the early stages of Arizona’s 2014 election campaign. Answer them all correctly and you are automatically qualified to run for the office of your choice.

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Mid-term quiz from 2013 Legislative Session

These 14 questions will determine how closely you have been following the first 2 months of the 2013 legislative session. Answer 10 correctly and you’re guaranteed a front-row seat for the next 5-hour House Appropriations hearing. Answer 12 right, and you qualify to chair your own House or Senate committee.

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