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Legislative candidate targeted over Jewish faith


An anti-Semitic message was left at the home of Republican Arizona House candidate Adam Stevens on July 15.

A legislative candidate woke up this morning to an anti-Semitic hate message and a pair of swastikas spray-painted on his driveway and on a campaign sign in his yard.

Republican Arizona House candidate Adam Stevens was leaving his house this morning when he noticed something spray-painted on his home driveway.

“I had an appointment, nothing about the campaign, and I opened up my garage door and it all kind of went south from there,” he said.

On his driveway were the words “Go Home Jew” along with a swastika. The vandal or vandals also painted a swastika onto a campaign sign in Stevens’ yard. Stevens said he was shocked to see the graffiti, and has never experienced any discrimination due to his religion in his neighborhood before.

“You see it in the news that people have to deal with this kind of issue, not just anti-Semitism, but the gay community, the Hispanic community, the black community, our law enforcement. But when it’s literally at your front door, it’s a different process of taking it all in,” he said.

Stevens said he has no idea who would have put the graffiti on his driveway, but he’s pretty sure it is related to his campaign for the House in Legislative District 16, which covers Apache Junction, part of Mesa and San Tan Valley, where Stevens lives.

“I think that someone spray-painted my yard sign is pretty telling (that it’s related to the campaign),” he said.

But Kyle Moyer, Stevens’ campaign consultant, said the vandalism is far larger than a simple campaign matter.

“This isn’t a campaign issue. This is an indictment of everything that’s going on in our country and our state,” he said.

Moyer blamed “the very angry rhetoric” from prominent politicians, including presumptive presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, for fostering an environment in which it is acceptable to demonize groups of people.

Stevens said he doesn’t talk about his faith on the campaign trail unless it comes up organically in conversation, but he suspects someone was trying to intimidate him and force him out of the race.

“If they thought this was going to make me take a step back, they don’t know me very well. This will not have the effect that whoever did this hoped it would have,” he said.

Stevens said he has filed a police report and plans to invest in more security around his house. He said the “language of our politics” has become so divisive that dealing with hate messages is almost an expected part of the political process.

“I think this is someone who is hyper-aware of the LD16 campaign… But with the political rhetoric in the country, everyone just needs to take two seconds to catch their breath and start acting like reasonable people,” he said.

Stevens is running in a four-way GOP primary for the two House seats in the heavily Republican district. He faces Republican Rep. Doug Coleman, Rep. Kelly Townsend and former Republican Rep. John Fillmore.


  1. Anti-Semitism is far from unknown in Arizona. This can be as ‘soft’ as ‘what church do you go to,’ to the cloying ‘some of my best friends are Jews.’ The fact that there is institutional discrimination toward Women’s Rights, and, yes sometimes women in general, LGBTQ Communities, immigrants and minorities makes it
    obvious that Anti-Semitism is part and parcel for the haters.

  2. How has Hillary Clinton’s campaign rhetoric been “very angry?” She has rightly pointed out that Donald Trump is beyond the pale as a nominee for a mainstream political party — Trump is even too extreme for many Republicans. If Adam Stevens wishes to be critical of divisive and “very angry” campaign rhetoric, he need look no further than his OWN party, the Arizona REPUBLICAN PARTY, with particular emphasis on the the hateful, intolerant blather we’ve had to endure from many of the far-right wing-nuts that run for the state legislature.

  3. I know Adam Stevens and his parents very well. You could not find better people. They do not wear their religion on their sleeve or boost about it. I knew them as outstanding people for a year before I found out they were Jewish. I am a Catholic Republican Precinct Captain in LD23 and go German decent, and I am ashamed a fellow American would do this to the Stevens In our district, in north Scottsdale, I have never seen any discrimination or hatred toward anyone. Sorry, cannot say anyone, our District does not seem to like RINOs irregardless of who they are or their religion. The Stevens are not RINOs, they are excellent Constitutional conservations, and we would be very lucky to have Adam represent us in the State House. I know one of his opponents appears to be prejudice against almost everyone. Adam knows who I speak of.

  4. Hillary had nothing whatsoever to do with fostering this atmosphere. It was Trumpelthinskin who has been whipping up hate for everyone he can even think of. Give me a freaking break.

  5. There is plenty of “hateful, intolerant blather” to spare. Many that are LABELED, “far-right-wing-nuts” are great, pro-family, concerned, America Loving patriots! Actually, I would think Adam Stevens would consider himself, pretty close to that. He certainly considers himself a conservative Republican.

    I am very sad that someone would behave this way toward Adam. There are lots of mean people on all sides. It is terrible!! When you bring an issue of prejudice up, lowering yourself to name calling, degrades the true wrong done. BTW, Adam did not do such. You are using his bad experience to berate others. Just stick to the article’s subject. SOMEONE ACTED VERY BADLY against ADAM STEVENS. YES, it was Anti-Semitic and WRONG.

  6. Another leftist attack on Jews and conservatives. People forget that Nazi stood for National Socialist… not a far cry from Socialist Democrat in their hatred of Jews.

  7. Having spent quite a bit of time in Apache Junction I never encountered overt anti-Semitism. Just , on occasion, the kind that Steve Lowen mentioned. As for blaming Hillary, she is the one who has decried the bigoted statements form the GOP candidate , and now that will be even louder with his choice of running mate.

  8. This incident has nothing to do with politics, it is a crime scene that is the result of criminal bias toward an individual, his family, and property. While I am not familiar with Mr. Stevens platform, or leanings, I do not live within his district, perhaps, he is running as a Republican to correct the majority ignorant in the Legislature who are Republican and against Women’s Rights, marriage equality, LGBTQ Communities rights.

  9. Adam, I am sorry for the indignity that you have suffered but it’s your party and it’s your standard-bearer Drumpt that has made insulting and bullying acceptable.

  10. Kyle Moyers needs to drop the false equivalency if wants to be considered an effective politico.

  11. Nice photoshop job and nice how the link to the photo won’t work.

  12. Mike Soigne ,Are you dreaming .Hillary is known for her disdain to Jews ,also she is always lying ,embracing enemies of the Jewish state . She should be dumped by her own party ,due trustworthiness and fecklessness in fighting against Islamic terror !

  13. Moyer does not display the intellect of his eponym. Doubling down by demonizing Trump and Clinton (?) with hate mongering labels probably is not a reasonable example. Personally, I have found Secretary Clinton’s reserve remarkable.

  14. Clinton herself bragged that she is responsible for making Republicans “the enemy”. The whole Democrat trope that all Republicans are stupid and evil far predates Trump.

  15. Pathetic, this must be Phoenix…….where very little good ever comes.

  16. When your party deals in hate, it will come back to bite you.

  17. I’m curious…what home was he supposed to go to?

    So let’s get this straight, liberals did this who oppose a republican Jewish politician? What a shock.

    Need to see that D’Souza movie.

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