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Cochise County BOS certifies election

After a judge ordered the Cochise County Board of Supervisors to canvass their election by 5 p.m., one rogue Republican county supervisor finally voted to approve the canvass of the 2022 election. The other did not attend. 

The court order and subsequent election certification put an end to Supervisors Peggy Judd and Tom Crosby’s weeks-long crusade against tabulation machines.  

Approval from the board follows a failed bid for a full hand count, a push for a presentation from self-ascribed “experts” alleging illegal tabulation and a delay beyond the statute deadline for certification.  

A Pima County judge ordered the Cochise County Board of Supervisors to meet today at 3:30 p.m. to canvass the election.  

“You will meet today. You will canvass the election by 5 p.m.,” Pima County Judge Casey McGinley said. 

Two thirds of the board convened at 3:30 p.m. Supervisor Crosby did not attend.  

Judd wanted to stress “how important” she felt their legal effort was ahead of her vote. 

“I am not ashamed of what I did,” Judd said. 

She declined to make the motion to accept the canvass as she said she, “didn’t like how it’d sound coming out of (her) mouth.” 

Chair Ann English encouraged people in support of Judd and Crosby to look toward the legislature to make change.  

“There’s a place for change in the Legislature,” English said. “It’s not here.” 

McGinley found the supervisors overstepped their authority and violated Arizona statute and the elections procedures manual by refusing to certify the canvass by the deadline.  

The supervisors represented themselves today in court after their lawyer Daniel McCauley, who they approved in a meeting two hours before the hearing, did not show up or enter a motion of appearance.  

Supervisor Crosby requested a continuance to Monday or Tuesday on McCauley’s behalf, but McGinley roundly denied the request, citing the Dec. 5 statewide canvass deadline. 

 Andy Gaona, lawyer for the Secretary of State’s office, pushed for a court to order the supervisors certify today.  

“At this point, enough is enough,” Gaona said. “No more games, no more excuses.”  

Crosby and Judd wanted to keep their meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning to approve the canvass. But chairwoman Ann English requested the court order the board meets today.  

She said supervisors Judd and Crosby had continued to say they would certify at meetings but would then delay their votes.  

“The reason they want to wait until tomorrow is … Crosby wants a smackdown between the Secretary of State and the election deniers that he has on the agenda,” English said. “I think it’s a circus. … I’ve had enough, I think the public’s had enough.”  

Gaona said the Secretary of State has no intention to participate in the “charade” either.  

McGinley took the matter under advisement for 15 minutes. While the court was in recess, the board’s absent lawyer filed a motion to move the case to the “United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arizona,” which does not exist.  

He returned with the order for the supervisors to meet and canvass by 5 p.m. The board complied.  

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs will move forward with the state canvass as planned on Monday, Dec. 5.  

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