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Mike Gardner: Nobody saw the last Senate split coming (access required)

The November 8 election carries with it a possibility that the Arizona Senate will end up split 15 to 15 between Republicans and Democrats, which could lead to a rare show of legislative bipartisanship that hasn’t been seen since 2000, when the Senate last was split. Lobbyist Mike Gardner was the Senate chief of staff during the last split, so we sat down with him to learn more about the functions of a split Senate and his projections for the race.

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Brian Nissen: You might know him as ‘Dwain,’ a lovable redneck (access required)

Brian Nissen is an affable guy with an easy smile. But the moment he puts on a ball cap and sports a mullet-style wig, he transforms into “Dwain,” an affable redneck with an easy smile. Perhaps it’s the way “Dwain” looks into your soul – half squinting, wearing that self-assured grin of a kind-hearted but completely offensive hillbilly – that makes him such a believable prophet of political incorrectness.

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Robert Graham: Guiding Arizona’s Republican Party through turbulent times (access required)

Whether he admits it or not, Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham is in a tight spot. As head of the party, he quickly affirmed Republicans’ choice of Donald Trump on the night of the Arizona presidential primary March 22, and yet he also has to navigate through myriad complications that will surely arise after his party picked, to put it mildly, such a divisive figure.

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