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Border, Bidens, Covid: House GOP casts wide net in probes (access required)

Biden, Republicans, GOP, border, MexicoCovid, school boards,

The security at the U.S. border with Mexico. The origins of Covid. The treatment of parents who protest "woke" school board policies. These are among the far-reaching and politically charged investigations House Republicans are launching, along with probes of President Joe Biden and his family, an ambitious oversight agenda that taps into the concerns of hard-right conservatives but risks alienating other Americans focused on different priorities.

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Republican losses fan election conspiracies in rural Arizona (access required)

Cochise County, elections, Trump, Biden

Last year was a tough one for the election denial movement in Arizona. Its candidates for U.S. Senate, governor, secretary of state and attorney general all lost. But it's still thriving in rural Cochise County, a vivid example of how paranoia about elections fanned by former President Donald Trump maintains a stubborn grip in rural parts of the country.

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Republican budget proposal fails in House after Harris votes against caucus  (access required)

budget, Harris, Hobbs, Toma, House, Senate, Hobbs, Livingston, Gress, lawmakers, legislature

It seemed nearly inevitable that legislative Republicans would send their continuation budget proposal to Gov. Katie Hobbs this week for a quick veto, starting the negotiation process between the Republican majority Legislature and the ninth floor. Plans have now changed after one stray vote from a Republican lawmaker who promised she wouldn’t vote on any bills to protest a “fraudulent” election.

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Election-denying lawmakers hold key election oversight roles (access required)

Trump, Rogers, Republicans, Pennsylvania, Arizona, election law, conspiracy theories

Republican lawmakers who have spread election conspiracy theories and falsely claimed that the 2020 presidential outcome was rigged are overseeing legislative committees charged with setting election policy in two major political battleground states. Divided government in Arizona and Pennsylvania means that any voting restrictions those GOP legislators propose is likely to fail.

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