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Gun fight brewing at Legislature

Arizona's gun laws are already among the most permissive in the nation, but that's not good enough for gun-rights advocates who are taking aim at restrictions on who may carry guns, where they may carry them and when they may use them to shoot people.

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Guns in restaurants bill fails in Senate; second vote expected (access required)

A measure to allow guns in restaurants failed to get enough votes to pass the Senate on June 15. The bill, S1114, failed by a vote of 14-14. It needed 16 votes to pass. The bill's sponsor, Sen. Jack Harper, changed his vote from "yes" to "no" so that he could be on the prevailing side of the vote and, thereby, ask for the legislation to be reconsidered.

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Senate panel advances guns-in-restaurants bill

A Senate panel has approved legislation to allow people who have concealed-weapons permits to bring a handgun into restaurants that sell alcohol. By the time the committee hearing was held June 8, though, the debate had shifted from whether to have weapons in restaurants to how best to implement the policy.

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