Proposition 302

Coyotes, Tempe, referendum
May 17, 2023

Arizona Coyotes’ bid for new arena appears to be rejected by voters

The Arizona Coyotes' bid for a new arena appears to be dead.

Coyotes, Montenegro, Tempe, voters, special election
Apr 25, 2023

Montenegro files complaint over Tempe’s special election for Arizona Coyotes arena

A Republican legislator is asking the attorney general’s office to investigate the city of Tempe’s upcoming special election where voters will decide if they want to fund a $2.1 billion hockey arena and entertainment district.

Coyotes, Tempe, hockey, entertainment district, Proposition 301, Proposition 302, Proposition 303
Mar 21, 2023

David and Goliath: PACs go head-to-head before election for Coyotes arena

With a special election looming to create an Arizona Coyotes entertainment district in Tempe, a grassroots group is amping up its opposition to a more than $2 billion development deal with the NHL team’s owner.

Nov 2, 2010

Rejection of Props. 301, 302 means big hole in budget

Voters rejected two ballot propositions Nov. 2 that would have transferred almost $450 million from two voter-approved funds to address the state budget deficit.

Sep 11, 2010

Campaign committee aims to dismantle First Things First

Supporters of a proposal to dismantle program for early childhood development have formed a campaign committee to persuade voters to approve the measure this November.

Jul 26, 2010

Judge: First Things First ballot language is impartial

A Maricopa County Superior Court judge decided Monday against changing the description of a ballot measure that aims to eliminate a voter-approved program for early childhood development and sweep its money.