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State GOP chairman says he’ll back McCain in primary

SAN DIEGO – Immigration, a hot-button issue that has dominated headlines in Arizona and nationally over recent years, is fading from the public consciousness amid economic turmoil, Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen said July 30. “Because of what’s going ...

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Pullen does disservice to GOP with stance on tax hike (access required)

Will the Republican Party remain the low-tax, limited-government party of Ronald Reagan? Or will it abandon its limited-government principles and become the "tax collector for the welfare state," following the Democratic Party around to raise taxes to pay for ever-increasing tax-and-spend government.

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Capitol Quotes 5/22

“I think we can do at least three, maybe five. I mean, we’re not going to privatize death row, obviously.” — Rep. John Kavanagh, a Republican from Fountain Hills, speaking about the possibility of privatizing prisons. The comment was made ...

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Pullen builds a national name (access required)

Randy Pullen likes Arizona more than he likes Washington, D.C. But for about a week every month, Pullen heads to Washington to spend time at the Republican National Committee, where the Arizona GOP chief serves as national treasurer.

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