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All is not well in GOP-land

Rep Sam Crump is hopping mad at Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen after Pullen ripped him and Sen. Pamela Gorman at Monday’s (Aug. 24) LD-6 GOP meeting and has sent a missive to RNC Chairman Michael Steele detailing what he called “unacceptable conduct” by Pullen, who also doubles as the RNC treasurer.

Crump told our reporter this morning that he was “blindsided” by Pullen’s attack. He said he spoke with Pullen about the speech after the meeting ended, but his complaints were brushed off. “He just had a snarky little smile on his face and was totally dismissive,” Crump said. He said of bigger concern than being criticized by Republican officials for opposing a tax increase was the fact that Pullen is openly using his position to attack “strong conservatives” in elected office. “To come in and tear down popular incumbents shows a lack of character,” he said. A message left for Pullen with a party spokesman was not returned.

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