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Feb 6, 2023

Tax credit headline missed the forest through the trees

A recent article headline published in the Arizona Capitol Times unfairly mischaracterized SB1108 – Senator Wendy Rogers’ income tax credit bill for businesses located in municipalities like Flagstaff and Tucson with higher wage mandates than the state wage mandate. The headline purports those cities to whom the bill would apply stand to lose. We disagree. 

Jan 30, 2017

Senator wants to broadly expand law designed to punish wayward cities

A law that allows the state to withhold the revenues from communities that don’t do as Arizona lawmakers please has been called illegal coercion. Sen. Steve Smith wants to expand it.

Aug 26, 2016

League changes its mind, revokes Boyer’s title as ‘champion’

The League of Arizona Cities and Towns has revoked its Champion of the Cities award from Republican Rep. Paul Boyer of Phoenix after the lawmaker asked the attorney general to investigate one of Arizona’s cities.

Aug 22, 2016

After honoring Boyer as their ‘champion,’ cities say he betrayed them

A group representing municipalities has conferred on Rep. Paul Boyer, R-Phoenix, the tile of “champion” of cities, primarily because he was one of only four Republican lawmakers to vote against a bill that threatens a big portion of cities’ operating budget.

Mar 17, 2016

Ducey signs bill to withhold revenue from cities that violate, constitution

Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill that would punish cities by withholding revenue if they pass ordinances or policies that violate state law or the Arizona Constitution.

Feb 24, 2016

Senate OKs cutting funds for cities that flout state law

The Arizona Senate has approved a proposal that would cut state shared revenue from cities or towns that pass regulations conflicting with state law.

Feb 17, 2016

Bill cutting state funds for cities that flout law advances

An Arizona Senate panel has voted to advance a proposal that would cut off their state shared revenue if cities or town passed regulations that conflict with state law.

Feb 8, 2010

Local governments against changes to shared-revenue formula

So far, lawmakers and the Governor's Office have avoided conjuring the greatest fear of local governments - changing the formula that determines who gets what from the collective pot of money they all share.