transgender girls sports, Horne, AIA, UA
May 24, 2023

Former US swimming star, Horne voice concerns about transgender sports participation

A former University of Arizona swimming star said Wednesday anyone born male should not be able to compete in girls' sports, no matter what the age.

May 30, 2021

Community colleges to move prudently to 4-year degrees

Legislation signed by the governor earlier this month opens the door for community colleges to offer four-year degrees, but it’ll take time for colleges to decide what programs, if any, to provide.

May 24, 2021

Passing $12.8B budget means appeasing several Republicans

GOP leaders in the House and Senate introduced a $12.8 billion spending plan Monday afternoon with high hopes of passing it by Wednesday — but finding the votes to pass it will prove difficult.

This UofA banner is on the side of Hannawater Holdings at 702 E. Van Buren St. The banner receives the ire of many ASU students who live and go to school in downtown Phoenix. PHOTO BY CHASE HUNTER/ARIZONA CAPITOL TIMES
Aug 20, 2018

ASU/UofA rivalry enlivens downtown Phoenix, boosts development

Phoenix has become a winner in the school rivalry of more than a century as the city’s core has blossomed from the unusual circumstance in which two major universities have campuses in the same city.

Jan 18, 2018

UofA, state split $2.2M grant for opioid overdose training

University of Arizona and the state health department have been awarded a $2.2 million grant to train rural firefighters and police officers in how to recognize and treat opioid overdoses.

Teachers rallied at the Arizona Capitol on May 2, 2017, after Rep. John Allen said teachers got second jobs to increase their lifestyle and buy boats. Teachers chanted that they wanted a 4 percent raise from the state. (Photo by Rachel Leingang, Arizona Capitol Times)
Sep 26, 2017

Study says 1 in 5 public school teacher positions unfilled

More than 1,300 teaching positions are still unfilled four weeks into the school year according to a new report.

Jan 26, 2017

Republican lawmakers aim to create separate state university governing boards

Saying the Board of Regents is “out of control” in its spending, two Republican representatives want to blow up the system and give each university its own governing board.

Apr 18, 2016

State universities slated to get $5M for little-known ‘freedom schools’

One of the few reprieves the universities are getting is a $5 million addition specifically earmarked for “economic freedom schools.” However, many lawmakers have no idea what an “economic freedom school” or center is.

Apr 29, 2015

Immigrant youths want in-state tuition

Immigrant youths who are protected from deportation under a federal program say they deserve to pay in-state tuition rates at Arizona universities.

Feb 29, 2012

Universities: Guns-on-campus measure would have multimillion-dollar impact

Universities are offering one more reason to oppose a measure to allow guns on campuses — it would cost millions of dollars to implement.