Grand Canyon, shutdown, federal government, state parks
Sep 28, 2023

Utah and Arizona will pay to keep national parks open if shutdown occurs

Arizona and Utah will keep the iconic national parks in those states open if a shutdown of the federal government threatens access to Arizona's orange-striped Grand Canyon and the sheer red cliffs of Utah's Zion Valley.

national monument, Grand Canyon, Biden, Petersen, Toma, lawsuit
Sep 21, 2023

GOP leaders prepare to sue Biden over monument law 

Republican lawmakers are following in Donald Trump’s footsteps, questioning the constitutionality of an old law President Joe Biden is using to expand national monument protections.   

Sep 6, 2023

For small biz reliant on summer tourism, extreme weather is the new pandemic

For small businesses that rely on summer tourism to keep afloat, extreme weather in Arizona and other states is replacing the pandemic as the determining factor in how well a summer will go.

Biden, Grand Canyon National Park, national monument, Hopi, Baaj Nwaavjo I'tah Kukveni
Aug 8, 2023

Biden makes Grand Canyon monument designation, citing Arizona tribal heritage, climate concerns

Declaring it good "not only for Arizona but for the planet," President Joe Biden on Tuesday signed a national monument designation for the greater Grand Canyon, turning the decades-long visions of Native American tribes and environmentalists into reality.

Pac-12, Pac-15, bowl games, ESPN, Fox
Aug 8, 2023

Pac-12’s downfall came after it could not adjust to changing media landscape

Larry Scott boasted five years ago that the Pac-12 Conference would be able "to adapt, react and take advantage of this new world media order that's coming in a way others can't." As it turns out, Scott's statement instead ended up reflecting what rival conferences and commissioners did.

Biden, national monument, Republicans, Democrats
Aug 7, 2023

GOP, Dems fight over monument designation plan

Republicans and Democrats are fighting over a proposed national monument around the Grand Canyon supported by President Joe Biden, which Republicans say will take away economic opportunities. 

Biden, Grand Canyon, West, climate change, clean energy, Arizona
Aug 7, 2023

Biden heads west for a policy victory lap, drawing an implicit contrast with Trump

President Joe Biden is setting out Monday on a Western swing aimed at showcasing his work on conservation, clean energy and veterans' benefits as he seeks to draw an implicit contrast between his administration's accomplishments and former President Donald Trump's legal troubles.

wildfire, northern Arizona, Kaibab National Forest
Aug 6, 2023

Lightning-caused wildfire burning uncontained in northern Arizona near Utah line

More than 75 firefighters were battling a wildfire in northern Arizona near the Utah line that was started by lightning, authorities said Sunday.

Pac-12, Arizona State, Pacific Northwest, Big Ten
Aug 4, 2023

Big Ten clears way for Oregon, Washington to join, sources say

The Big Ten has cleared the way for Oregon and Washington to apply for membership and join the conference, four people with familiar with the negotiations told The Associated Press on Friday, dealing a crushing blow to the beleaguered Pac-12.

ASU, Arizona, Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Pac-12, Arizona Board of Regents
Aug 3, 2023

More Pac-12 movement? Arizona and Washington regents call special meetings

The pieces of the conference realignment puzzle could again be moving quickly. The boards of regents for Arizona's two biggest universities and the University of Washington scheduled special meetings for Thursday night amid speculation that more Pac-12 schools could leave the flailing conference.

Biden, record heat, Arizona, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego
Jul 31, 2023

Biden goes west to talk about his administration’s efforts to combat climate change

President Joe Biden will travel to Arizona, New Mexico and Utah next week and is expected to talk about his administration's efforts to combat climate change as the region endures a brutally hot summer with soaring temperatures, the White House said Monday.

In-N-Out, masks, employees, Covid
Jul 19, 2023

Masks are out at In-N-Out after burger chain bans employees from wearing them in five states

The In-N-Out burger chain will bar employees in five states from wearing masks unless they have a doctor's note, according to internal company emails leaked on social media.