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Capitol quotes: February 15, 2013

“I can’t say that we’ve had lions and tigers and bears, but we’ve had parrots and ferrets and squirrels, I kid you not. People coming in with birds on their shoulder, ferrets in little slings, squirrels in slings, dogs in purses, dogs in men’s briefcases.” — Roxane Nielsen, owner of Prescott Brewing Company, testifying on HB2401, which would limit service animals to dogs and miniature horses.

“We legislate that our cafeteria workers have to wash their hands before they can serve our children, yet we don’t legislate whether we lock them in little rooms or put them in chokeholds and that’s OK.” — Melissa Van Hook of the East Valley Autism Network, speaking against the use of isolation rooms for schoolchildren.

“Quite frankly, where we’re located it’s difficult to get people to drive a bus.” — Superintendent Robert Dunn of the Ray Unified School District in Kearny, saying he was happy to hire Sen. Barbara McGuire as a bus driver while she was temporarily out of the Legislature.

“They’re so radical, they’re just going to do it.” — Attorney General Tom Horne, predicting the Tucson Unified School District will resurrect its banned Mexican American Studies program in response to a court desegregation order.

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