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Capitol Quotes: Sept. 26, 2014

“John McCain and the RINOs… think that holding our elected officials accountable warrants this kind of ethnic cleansing (of the GOP).” — Maricopa County Republican Chairman A.J. LaFaro, saying McCain and moderate Republicans are trying to get rid of more conservative precinct committeemen.

“To say that we are ethnically cleansing the Republican Party is a rather extreme comment.” — Longtime Republican activist and donor Jane Lynch, responding to LaFaro’s “ethnic cleansing’’ remark by saying the Republican Party should be welcoming to all types of Republicans.

“I’m not a legislator. I knew that about my personality. I’m an executive.” — Doug Ducey, state treasurer and Republican candidate for governor, on why he decided to run for statewide offices rather than Congress.

“I don’t think there’s anybody in recent times who’s run for governor who’s been as involved in as many different components of good state leadership as I have.” — Fred DuVal, Democratic candidate for governor, on the many positions he has held since the 1970s.

“How is it that Apple convinced me that I need two iPhones and two iPads?… They just market differently than we do in transportation, and we need a different skill set.” — U.S. Department of Transportation Deputy Secretary Victor Mendez, suggesting the state turn to Madison Avenue advertisers to sell ideas for better transportation infrastructure in Arizona.

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  1. My favorite: “Are you sick of …corrupt politicians?I know I am!” . J. Johnson for Governor. writeinjjohnson. com Let’s Make History!

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