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Capitol Quotes: Oct. 10, 2014

“We’re not down there for political power.” — LD6 independent candidate Tom O’Halleran, criticizing politicians for failing to find solutions to major problems.

“If we can do that, we can change fundamentally for the first time cancer care.” — Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong on his plan at Phoenix Children’s Hospital for genetic treatment that monitors tumor tissue at the molecular level and changes treatment as the tumor changes.

“I think the discussion needs to be now. Do we keep building prisons and siphon money off from everything else in the budget or do we do something different because we can’t possibly keep growing this way?” — Caroline Isaacs, executive director of American Friends Service Committee, reacting to a request for millions of dollars more for state prisons.

“When I first started at the Legislature, I thought it was an overstatement when I heard that there are people there who want to destroy public education. Then I hear our teachers being wronged. I heard our public schools being called government schools as a way to put them down.” — Democratic Rep. Victoria Steele of Tucson criticizing some Republicans’ approach to education during a Legislative District 9 debate.  

“When you’re dealing with the Second Amendment or guns, you cannot have chaos. There are 91 different cities in this (state) and if you start creating each community’s own law… That’s a recipe for chaos.” — Republican Rep. Ethan Orr of Tucson, explaining why he supported a statewide measure to allow people to carry their guns in public meetings.

“No one wants to speak to somebody that’s just dripping sweat and unshaven.” — John Lewis Mealer, on the downside of his practice of camping out while running for Arizona governor.

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