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Lujan responds to Arpaio article

The July 20 New Yorker had a feature article on Sheriff Joe Arpaio (“Sheriff Joe” by William Finnegan). The piece, mostly critical, tried to give the magazine’s readers a flavor of his policies regarding illegals and the controversies that he engenders. In the August 24 edition, Lujan writes:

“Janet Napolitano’s moderation and leadership have always been in a different league than Joe Arpaio’s demagoguery and showmanship. As Arizona’s governor, Napolitano implemented innovative legal tools to seize the assets of those involved in the violent smuggling trade, formed new federal-state partnerships, adopted new technologies to crack down on smugglers, and directed the state police’s prudent use of the 287(g) program. She became a leading voice for comprehensive immigration reform and vetoed countless measures that she saw as irresponsible – such as laws to penalize undocumented children or to require all Arizona jurisdictions to conduct immigration enforcement – even when many of them had public support. With Napolitano as secretary of Homeland Security, there’s every reason to believe her approach, and not Arpaio’s, will prevail.”

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  1. Napolitano needs to grow a pair and slap that 287(g) agreement out of Apraio’s grasp. He should have never been offered to sign on to the new one.

    If I were Napolitano, I’d tell Arapio “you’ve been a bad boy and now you don’t get to use this new agreement.”

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