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Senate staffer to run for House

A Senate policy adviser is leaving his post to run for the House.

Javan Mesnard, who has been working for the Senate for eight years, has opened a campaign committee to run for Legislative District 21.

The seat, in fact, will be open. Reps. Warde Nichols and Steve Yarbrough have reached their term limits cannot seek re-election next year.

Yarbrough has opened a Senate exploratory committee. Sen. Jay Tisbhraeny of Chandler also is termed-out in 2010.

Mesnard will be banking on his experience working in the Senate to propel his campaign. Mesnard first worked for Arizona Senate as in intern in 2002. He went on to serve as a policy adviser.

Mesnard, who holds master’s degrees in business and public administration, graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University. He has a bachelor’s degree in music composition.
He said both Yarbrough and Nichols support his campaign. Mesnard said he will campaign as a team with Yarbrough, and Jeff Vance, another House candidate.

Mesnard’s campaign website is http://jdmesnard.com.


  1. Oh joy. Yet another hackneyed candidate enters the fray. Since the House already lacks substance, I guess Javan (since when did you start going by J.D.?) will fit right in.

  2. Well, Oh enlightnened bucolic one who smacks of fresh thought and deed… if you can offer something better, then step right up! Otherwise please sit down, shut up and keep your feet of the furniture.

  3. I agree with the Phantom, this Liam guy should step up or shut up…

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