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Martin is running, right?

State Treasurer Dean Martin’s campaign has confirmed what we’d been hearing: A Wednesday press conference with a “major announcement.”

The event will be held in front of a closed Motorola plant in East Phoenix, and who could imagine Martin would pick such a location to announce he’s not running for governor? Additionally, the treasurer brought his own entourage to Brewer’s State of the State address, a still photographer and videographer to, perhaps, document his reaction. Pressed, Martin wouldn’t tell our reporter anything about it, although he did admit they were paid by his campaign.

Also, despite Capitol rumors, Martin told our reporter on Friday that he is not backing out of the lawsuit challenging matching funds. Those rumors cropped up as the Institute for Justice last week filed an intervening request for injunction that did not mention Martin, who has challenged matching funds with IJ since 2004. The filing, which asked to stop the commission from distributing matching funds while the case is pending, was filed only on behalf of the privately-funded Murphy. The absence of Martin’s name threw off even the lawsuit-leading Goldwater Institute, which wondered if he was hopping off the lawsuit to run a publicly funded campaign.

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