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Supporters of immigration law to announce rally plans

A group of supporters of Arizona’s tough new law cracking down on illegal immigration says it will announce plans for an upcoming rally.

The group calling itself Stand With Arizona plans a press conference on Thursday to explain its motivation.

The group is encouraging supporters of Arizona’s law from around the country to come to the state for a rally at Tempe Diablo Stadium on Saturday evening. They say supporters should spend money in Arizona to counteract the effects of a boycott being promoted by opponents of the measure.

Arizona’s law requires police enforcing another law to investigate people’s immigration status if there’s reason to suspect they’re in the United States illegally.

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  1. I understand our Federal Law already states basically the same thing. It’s time we stood up to the politicians and let it be know it is more advantageous to protect citizens rather than non citizens. I love my Hispanic friends who are citizens and so do everyone I know. They should stand with us and keep America safe from allowing illegal activity in this great Nation.

  2. Join us in Tempe for a wonderful diverse rally to support our state against
    people who want a state without borders and a nation without borders.
    Tempe Diablo Stadium -Tempe AZ 6pm-8:30pm-Sat. May 29th.


  4. Do you support SB 1070? Do you oppose SB 1070? … law enforcement has the right to inquire about your immigration status if they have reasonable suspicion
    Make you voice heard at http://immigration.civiltalks.com/

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