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Arizona Realtors back 78 statewide and legislative candidates

The Arizona Association of Realtors endorsed 78 statewide and legislative candidates the group says promote issues important to homeowners, Realtors and the real estate industry.

Each candidate the group endorsed had to complete a questionnaire and was then interviewed to determine their support of those issues.

“Everyone with an interest in real estate issues should use this as a guide when voting this year,” said Tom Farley, the group’s CEO, in a press release that accompanied a list of endorsements.

The group endorsed 54 Republicans and 24 Democrats.

Republican incumbents Gov. Jan Brewer and Secretary of State Ken Bennett got the group’s backing, while Democrat Felecia Rotellini earned the endorsement for Attorney General.

Here’s a complete listing of the group’s endorsements:

Governor: Jan Brewer – R
Secretary of State: Ken Bennett – R
Attorney General: Felecia Rotellini – D
Treasurer: Sen. Barbara Leff – R
Corporation Commission: Brenda Burns – R, Gary Pierce – R

State House
District 1 Rep. Andy Tobin – R
District 3 Rep. Doris Goodale – R, Rep. Nancy McLain – R
District 4 Rep. Judy M Burges – R, Sen. Jack Harper – R
District 6 Rep. Amanda Reeve – R, Rep. Carl Seel – R
District 7 Heather Carter – R, Kristen Burroughs – R
District 8 Rep. John Kavanagh – R, Michael Blaire – R
District 9 Rep. Debbie Lesko – R, Rick Gray – R
District 10 Rep. Jim Weiers – R, Kimberly Yee – R
District 11 Rep. Eric Meyer – D, Eric West – R
District 12 Rep. Steve Montenegro – R, Rep. Jerry Weiers – R
District 13 Rep. Richard Miranda – D
District 14 Rep. Chad Campbell – D, Sen. Debbie McCune Davis – D
District 15 Lela Alston – D, Katie Hobbs – D
District 16 Rep. Cloves Campbell Jr – D, Michael Gular – R
District 17 Rep. Ed Ableser – D, Ben Arredondo – D
District 18 Rep. Cecil Ash – R, Rep. Steve Court – R
District 19 Rep. Kirk Adams – R, Scott Perkinson – R
District 20 Bob Robson – R, Christopher Tolino – R
District 21 J.D. Mesnard – R
District 22 Eddie Farnsworth – R, Steve Urie – R
District 23 Rep. Barbara McGuire – D, Rep. Frank Pratt -R
District 24 Rep. Russ Jones – R, Rep. Lynne Pancrazi – D
District 25 Rep. David Stevens – R
District 26 Rep. Nancy Young Wright – D, Rep. Vic Williams – R
District 28 Bruce Wheeler – D
District 29 Rep. Matt Heinz – D, Pat Kilburn – R
District 30 Rep. Ted Vogt – R, Rep. David Gowan – R

State Senate
District 1 Sen. Steve Pierce – R
District 3 Sen. Ron Gould – R
District 4 Scott Bundgaard – R
District 5 Sen. Sylvia Allen – R
District 6 Sen. David Braswell – R
District 7 Rep. Nancy Barto – R
District 8 Rep. Michele Reagan – R
District 9 Rep. Rick Murphy – R
District 10 Sen. Linda Gray – R
District 11 Rep. Adam Driggs – R
District 12 Sen. John Nelson – R
District 13 Steve Gallardo – D
District 14 Rep. Robert Meza – D
District 15 Rep. Kyrsten Sinema – D
District 16 Sen. Leah Landrum Taylor – D
District 17 Wendy Rogers – R
District 18 Sen. Russell Pearce – R
District 19 Rep. Rich Crandall – R
District 20 Rep. John McComish – R
District 21 Rep. Steve Yarbrough – R
District 22 Rep. Andy Biggs – R
District 23 Sen. Rebecca Rios – D
District 24 Sen. Amanda Aguirre – D
District 25 Gail Griffin – R
District 26 Sen. Al Melvin – R
District 27 Olivia Cajero Bedford – D
District 28 Sen. Paula Aboud – D
District 29 Sen. Linda Lopez – D
District 30 Sen. Frank Antenori – R


  1. It appears the realtors, who had a big hand in creating the real estate mess we’re in, like the status quo…legislators who have long supported and subsidized growth as the primary industry in Arizona. A pox on both their houses.

  2. If this is news, then I would like to know how they determine which candidate they will endorse.

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