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NFIB candidate-endorsement list includes lone Democrat

Sen. Leah Landrum Taylor was the lone Democrat among 44 Arizona legislative candidates to receive the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business – Arizona.

The rest of the list, comprised of all Republicans, includes seven senators and 26 representatives seeking reelection, and eight House candidates and two Senate candidates. No Libertarians, Greens or independents secured endorsements.

Incumbents earned the endorsement based on their voting records on 15 bills supported or opposed by NFIB during the 2009-10 regular sessions. Non-incumbent candidates were selected based on their answers to a questionnaire.

The endorsements were issued by NFIB/Arizona Save America’s Free Enterprise (SAFE) Trust, the organization’s political action committee. The PAC may issue more endorsements after the Aug. 24 primary.

NFIB has offices in Washington, D.C. and all 50 state capitals. Founded in 1943 as a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, the organization acts as a voice for small- and independent-business owners in shaping the public policy issues that affect their business.

The endorsed candidates are:

State Senate:
District 1: Sen. Steve Pierce – R
District 3: Sen. Ron Gould – R
District 8: Rep. Michele Reagan – R
District 9: Rep. Rick Murphy – R
District 10: Sen. Sen. Linda Gray – R
District 11: Rep. Adam Driggs – R
District 12: Sen. John Nelson – R
District 16: Sen. Leah Landrum-Taylor – D
District 17: Wendy Rogers – R
District 18: Sen. Russell Pearce – R
District 19: Rep. Rich Crandall – R
District 20: Rep. John McComish – R
District 21: Rep. Steve Yarbrough – R
District 22: Rep. Andy Biggs – R
District 25: Gail Griffin – R
District 26: Sen. Al Melvin – R

State House:
District 1: Rep. Andy Tobin – R
District 1: Karen Fann – R
District 3: Rep. Nancy McLain – R
District 3: Rep. Doris Goodale – R
District 4: Sen. Jack Harper – R
District 4: Rep. Judy Burges – R
District 8: Rep. John Kavanagh – R
District 8: Michael Blaire – R
District 9: Rep. Debbie Lesko – R
District 10: Rep. Jim Weiers – R
District 10: Kimberly Yee – R
District 11: Shawnna Bolick – R
District 11: Kate McGee – R
District 12: Rep. Jerry Weiers – R
District 12: Rep. Steve Montenegro – R
District 18: Rep. Cecil Ash – R
District 18: Rep. Steve Court – R
District 19: Rep. Kirk Adams – R
District 21: Tom Forese – R
District 21: J.D. Mesnard – R
District 22: Rep. Laurin Hendrix – R
District 23: Rep. Frank Pratt – R
District 24: Rep. Russ Jones – R
District 25: Rep. David Stevens – R
District 26: Rep. Vic Williams – R
District 26: Terri Proud – R
District 30: Rep. David Gowan – R
District 30: Rep. Ted Vogt – R

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