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Arizona to begin session on anti-union measure

Arizona lawmakers are scheduled to begin a special session Monday to fix an anti-union ballot measure ruled unconstitutional.

The legislation would ask voters at the Nov. 2 election whether to require a secret ballot for employees voting whether to organize as part of a labor union.

If approved by voters, the measure would have no immediate effect. Rather, it aims to undercut proposed federal legislation that would allow workers to decide whether to use a secret ballot or a public process when voting on forming a union.

The Arizona ballot measure is a priority for the business community, which argues that the federal legislation would allow union organizers to intimidate workers into joining.

Unions say workers should have a choice in how to form a union.

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  1. Want to know why American’s incomes have remainded basically stagnant since the 70’s? One big reason is because of anti-union activities promoted by businesses and their bought-and-paid-for politicians like Brewer. Republicans continute to fool working people into thinking they are working for you by using social wedge issues like immigration to get the blue-collar vote. Only fools vote against their own self-interest and Republicans make working people look like fools every election year in Arizona.

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