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Paton goes on the attack, hits Kelly in TV ad (access required)

Jonathan Paton's campaign called Jesse Kelly a hypocrite for allegedly profiting from stimulus money through his family's construction business while publicly opposing the stimulus package.


  1. I have met both candidates and one thing striking about Jesse Kelly is he is honest and will tell the truth. To bid on a project nad receive funds does not translate to approving the process. Lets compare apples to apples. Is Paton grasping here?

  2. I’m not from AZ but like most Americans pray, someone will stand up and be the voice of the AMERICAN people. It’s been a long time since someone has come along like this Jesse Kelly.
    Its easy to see why democrats & who ever wrote this article dislike him, it’s because Jesse is the real deal.
    I crack up when they wrote his dads company gets tens of millions of dollars from stimulus funds. They make it sound like his dad drives up to the drive thru stimulus window, then the government fills the back of his truck with money.
    The statement about stimulus is missing truth. Like most contractors when jobs go out to bid, we bid on them. Lowest legitimate bid gets the job, there is NO special treatment to anyone. Reason I know this is because I’m a contractor in California.
    If Don Kelly Construction wins the bid or bids more power to them! Generating tens of millions in this economy in the construction field is almost impossible. We need to stop beating up these type of candidates and encourage more of them. We need more choices like Jesse Kelly. Bottom line is, he’s not afraid of hard work. After reading articles and listening to a few speeches on YouTube. This guy is almost like you and me, the small difference is he’s better. THE JERK!

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