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Goddard moves campaign HQ (access required)

Terry Goddard has a new campaign headquarters, in a building that has some sentimental connection to the presumptive Democratic nominee for governor. It was the backdrop for his press conference this afternoon, at which he released his plan to turn around the state’s economy and create jobs.


  1. I thought AriZOOna had a “Resign To Run Law” … So WHY is Goofy Goddard still Arizona’s Attorney General ?

    “We The People” of Phoenix REMEMBER Goofy Goddard’s unsuccessful attempts to shove a baseball stadiums and street car systems down our throats while he was Mayor !

    And “We The People” remember that Goofy Goddard spent over 5 million
    of out tax dollars to buy the Eyesore Tovrea Castle … That now sits there, empty and rotting away after more than 20 years ! …

    Governor Brewer will most assuredly clean Goofey Goddard’d clock in November ! … I Vaclav T. Buchtapeaka predict that Goofy Goddard will be lucky to get more than 35% of the vote in November !

    Vaclav T. Buchtapeaka
    Fornerly of Praha (Prague) Czech Republik
    Now US Citizen from Phoenix AriZOOna

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