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The dirt-y is flying in CD-3 (access required)

The race for the open seat in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District didn’t take long to get, um, dirty. And ironically, it’s been all about who has staked out the moral high ground.


  1. Hulburd has tons of explaining to do and I have a feeling he is going dirty himself to steer the attention away from himself. Hulburd is in bed with Unions, in fact, the very union that BOYCOTTS Arizona. Talk about a complete ANTI AZ candidate. I think it is pretty clear that we deserve better then a loud mouth democrat who drives away revenue from our businesses.

  2. Yeah, when Quayle was 30 he was writing for the dirty, when Hulburd was 30 he ACTUALLY LIVED IN THE DISTRICT and he was raising two of HIS OWN CHILDREN. Oh, and he was a Partner at Fennemore Craig, not just an associate at Snell and Wilmer for ONE YEAR…Pitiful

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