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Rove names 10 potential GOP nominees for president (access required)

Karl Rove's speech at the downtown Phoenix Sheraton Tuesday started out with about as much intrigue as I expected from the top political advisor for former President George W. Bush; for the first half-hour he flaunted an uncanny grasp for statistics as he explained exactly what's wrong with the health care law and predicted how the 2012 elections would pan out if voters followed the same patterns as they did on Nov. 2.


  1. Rove’s political day has come and gone with Republican-leaning voters. Only establishment and media types continue to listen to him. Bush, with Rove at his side, destroyed the Republican party much as Obama now is wiping out the Democrat party. Republicans recovered the House only because of actions by Obama, Pelosi, and their left-leaning cohorts, not because of any satisfaction with Rove and the Republican establishment. Conservatives thank America’s disgust with the ruling Democrats and the Tea Party movement’s harnessing of that disgust for recent Republican election success, and it will be those factors not anything Rove says or does which will attract their votes in 2012. Carl Rove heeds zip his lips and slink of into political dark of the night.

  2. Okay, so the health care bill is flawed. I can agree with that, but just what is the Republican solution to the flaws: repeal the whole thing or fix it? Just yesterday it was announced that another 4 million people lost their health insurance, so obviously repeal is the answer, right? Wrong! I would love to see the two parties get together and figure out where they agree and do something good for the country and its people. Fat chance? I hope not.

  3. Rove has his place.. he’s a numbers cruncher. I never agreed with him until his opinion about Christine O’Donnell (seems a nice gal, but shouldn’t run for political office these days – things are too serious).

    I hope Mitch Daniels runs. Everyone says “Who?” but it’s easy to get info about him. He doesn’t cave to every whining group, but gathers and weighs information to make decisions – remember those days? (I don’t…). Mitch turned Indiana’s $600M deficit into a $300M surplus within a year during his first term – not all changes were popular, but he worked with others, turned the state around, and easily won a second term.

  4. Judy: “I would love to see the two parties get together and figure out where they agree and do something good for the country and its people. Fat chance? I hope not.”

    You got that right… if one party does something, the other says it’s no good and offers no alternative or modification. I think that will change – we just need the right people in office who want to fix problems for the majority instead of pleasing a small sector of constituents. We need to get the country back to “United We Stand” instead of “Us and Them”.

  5. i dont really see a point in all this honestly how about we get someone who’s balanced… someone who can not only handle the situation with Operation Enduring Freedom (bc despite all the bs media which never covers it anymore my buddies are still gettin blown up every day and we would like to come home) someone who can deal with terrorism domestic and foreign and handle this economic sh*t hole we are in…. we dont need a politician we need a leader…. they are constantly downsizing our military or trying to but yet you keep trying to fight a “war on terrorism”…. committ or forget how about that one if your not in OEF ta win it then get out bc we dont want to fight a war for a country that isnt gonna back us 110% yes their are problems back in the states that need to be delt with but yall hyperfocus on issues and by the time someone is elected that issue has been delt with so how about some better planning and you know tha democrats play dirty so play dirty back thats how we (republicans) lose elections bc we dont get down and dirty and throw some punches back WE NEED A LEADER NOT A POLITITION someone with some backbone and some brains

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