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Author Archives: Matt Bunk

Rove names 10 potential GOP nominees for president (access required)

Karl Rove's speech at the downtown Phoenix Sheraton Tuesday started out with about as much intrigue as I expected from the top political advisor for former President George W. Bush; for the first half-hour he flaunted an uncanny grasp for statistics as he explained exactly what's wrong with the health care law and predicted how the 2012 elections would pan out if voters followed the same patterns as they did on Nov. 2.

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We’ll be covering the most competitive races – all night (access required)

We’ve spent countless hours examining polls, trailing candidates, asking tough questions and digging deeply into the backgrounds of more than 200 candidates whose names will be on Arizona ballots today. Just like the candidates and campaign staffers, it seems like everything the Arizona Capitol Times’ newsroom has done during the past year has led up to this moment.

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