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Groups seek dismissal of Arizona’s federal suit on medical pot

A federal judge is being asked to dismiss a lawsuit that Arizona filed over medical marijuana.

The state’s lawsuit asks for a ruling on whether Arizona can implement its medical marijuana program despite apparent conflicts with federal drug laws.

A motion filed Thursday by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Association and others who voluntarily joined as defendants in the case says the state’s lawsuit should be dismissed.

The motion says the lawsuit is basically a request for an impermissible advisory opinion by the court, not for a ruling on an actual controversy.

The motion also says there’s no direct conflict between state and federal laws and that the lawsuit is a pretense for trying to block the medical marijuana program.

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  1. “there’s no direct conflict between state and federal laws” really? That’s all it is! I hope the suit sticks and we get rid of this ****!

  2. There is when dealing with something like this! When we as the people voted to allow medical marijuana in Arizona and it passed, this granted us the right to receive recommendations from a doctor so that people may receive a medicine that not only relieves their pain better than all of these addictive pills, but is proven to be far more safer than the prescription drugs already prescribed. Now, local law enforcement cannot arrest you if you have the papers to prove it and if that state has passed a bill allowing the use of it, but the federal government can. If you remember Obama passed a law that he said if someone is obeying their states laws it is up to that state to take action and yet the federal government is still trying to intervene. We have the chance to earn more money than what the federal government alone provides our state. I dont know about you, but I like the idea of Arizona finally being able to create multi-million dollar companies that could easily get us out of this economic crisis we seem to be experiencing.

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