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Rep. Lydia Hernandez, D-Phoenix

Rep. Lydia Hernandez, D-Phoenix

Name: Lydia Hernandez

Chamber: House

Party: Democrat

Profession: President of the Cartwright School District governing board.

Hometown: Phoenix

Legislative District: No. 29, which includes parts of west Phoenix, Glendale and Litchfield Park.

Committee Assignments: Financial Institutions, Government.

Previous or Current Elected Offices: Cartwright School District governing-board member.

Highlights of Community Involvement: Habitat for Humanity, homeowners associations, immigration advocate (teaching people how to get involved and make a difference). Blight Busters volunteer for the city of Phoenix (graffiti removal).

Why She Ran: “I’ve got a family. There are issues that affect families, that are tearing apart families. Jobs, health care – I feel that I am a direct reflection of my community.”

Her Focus: Jobs, education, labor, immigration issues.

Bills: Plans to introduce legislation that would impose fines on employers who do not properly compensate on an hourly basis for work that is done. “We have hardworking people in our communities that are going out – Arizona being 114-degree weather – year-round are working very hard and are not getting paid. I think (there’s) a lot of hypocrisy involved with a segment of our community.”

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