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Did they inhale? Ducey and DuVal won’t say

marijuana-620Fred DuVal and Doug Ducey finally found something on which they agree.

Neither wants to divulge whether they ever inhaled.

The question arose during an Oct. 14 debate on the heels of state Rep. Ethan Orr, R-Tucson, saying he will introduce legislation this coming session to allow for the recreational use of marijuana. Orr said Arizona needs the money. And he said a legislatively crafted program that taxes marijuana use is better than having voters enact one at the ballot in 2016.

DuVal said he’s willing to consider such a plan after studying the experience in Colorado and Washington.

And what of his own personal knowledge about the drug?

“Look, guys, let’s focus on the important issues for our state,” the 60-year-old candidate said when questioned Oct. 14 after the debate. “I want to focus on the issues that really matter.”

So does that non-denial mean yes?

“I’ve answered the question,” he responded. “Let’s focus on the things that will matter to our future.”

Ducey, a decade younger than DuVal, said he is against both what Orr wants and the possible 2016 initiative. But he was equally dismissive of the question of his own drug use.

“I’m opposed to the legalization of marijuana and that’s where I stand,” he said, as press aide Melissa DeLaney sought to lead him away from reporters.

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