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Senate again kills legislation to get rid of Common Core

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Arizona lawmakers defeated yet another effort to prohibit the state from using the Common Core education standards.

As has happened time and time again in the state’s robust debate of the controversial Common Core, a small group of GOP senators bucked the majority of their caucus to vote 13-16 against a provision to do away with the controversial standards, this time HB2190.

Sponsored by Rep. Mark Finchem, HB2190 would have thrown out the Common Core standards that the Arizona Board of Education adopted in 2010, and have now been implemented in school districts throughout the state.

HB2190 also placed restrictions on what kind of standards the state would be allowed to adopt in the future, and put in place a vote by the Legislature to approve standards in certain subject areas – a move that some Republicans, including Sen. Bob Worsley, were opposed to.

“I believe this governor and the state board and the folks that he just appointed to the state Board of Education will modify Common Core to everyone’s satisfaction,” said Worsley, R-Mesa. “And I would rather have the experts doing that and not the Legislature.”

Gov. Doug Ducey said last week he thought the bill was not necessary. He called on the Board of Education to review the standards and tweak them where needed.

Worsley, along with Sens. Jeff Dial, Adam Driggs and Steve Pierce, were four GOP senators who cast the crucial votes to defeat HB2190.

Their colleagues did not go down quietly, as several Republicans rose in support of yet another measure they’ve pushed to undermine Common Core, only to watch it die on the Senate floor.

The Senate has already this year defeated one anti-Common Core bill, sponsored by Sen. Kelli Ward, R-Lake Havasu City, which would have allowed individual school districts to adopt their own standards.

Senate President Andy Biggs, R-Gilbert, called the Common Core “a regression to the mean” as far as educational excellence is concerned.

And Sen. Steve Smith, R-Maricopa, said he’s heard enough from citizens of the state to know that the people have spoken and they want the Legislature to “repeal this abomination of a program.” Smith referred to the Senate Education Committee hearing on HB2190, and claimed that a majority of those who speak about the bill want Common Core gone. However, more people signed in opposed to HB2190 than those who supported it.

Ducey has stated his opposition to Common Core, but critics have wondered how far the board of education’s review of the standards will go in amending the standards.


  1. I believe that the election of Superintendent of Public Instruction’s election had less to do with Arizona’s academic standards and more to do with the (R) after her name.

  2. I want to know who the company is that administers the testing under the program that the Legislature is proposing. Furthermore, I want to know who benefits either directly or indirectly (through a spouse for example) monetarily for the testing contracts to go to that entity. Capitalism is fine, you found a way to make money off of kids testing and a certain amount of testing is fine, however to make children hate school so you can line your pockets is morally and ethically reprehensible and it is bad for our communities. We know this isn’t about education, this year’s budget shows where education stands as far as commitment to excellence goes. It is something along the line of “Sure, as long as it don’t cost us nothin’,” at least this seems to be the message from Phoenix. So what is this really about? I want to know.

  3. This is a travesty. No one went to the ballot box to vote for this “common Core” nonsense. Its just more subversion from within to control states from the federal government. Along with the affordable care act, Real ID, Recently passed Justice ruling saying the Justice dept can blatantly control City or local police departments under direct Federal Intervention at will. Just layered nonsense to directly control peoples lives under what they should believe, plus the above I stated falls under federal monies given to the states so as these guidelines are implemented in states that cooperate. It’s clearly Illegal for the feds to do this and Illegal for a state governments to go along with it especially against the outcry of the American Voters. Its Wrong.

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