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In profane rant, legislator slams voters who back opponent

File photo of Rep. Sonny Borrelli, R-Lake Havasu City (Cronkite News Service Photo by Jessica Boehm)

File photo of Rep. Sonny Borrelli, R-Lake Havasu City (Cronkite News Service Photo by Jessica Boehm)

Some voters who cast ballots for his opponent are “ignorant, c—sucking idiots,” according to Rep. Sonny Borrelli.

In a recording obtained by the Arizona Capitol Times, Borrelli describes residents of Legislative District 5 who vote for former state senator Ron Gould, Borrelli’s opponent in the Aug. 30 Republican primary election, in vulgar and obscene terms. And he attacked Gould’s record as a senator who frequently butts heads with the Republican establishment at the Capitol.

“If these ignorant, c—sucking idiots want to vote for that f—— phony, lying piece of s—, they can get what they deserve,” the Lake Havasu Republican said. “Another f—— senator, a senator that did absolutely nothing for this district except piss everybody off in Phoenix, to include the f—— governor. And now how is he going to act when he goes back to Phoenix with a f—— governor that he’s already called a f—— RINO and a liberal? Do you think we’re going to get any support? F—! This guy has been f—— badmouthing (Gov. Doug) Ducey since he got elected.”

Listen to a clip of the call here (warning: explicit language):

Borrelli made the comments Aug. 16 during a phone conversation with Lake Havasu businessman Ed McInerney. McInerney confirmed that the recording obtained by the Capitol Times was a conversation he had that day with Borrelli and that he had made the recording. He said he’d called the state legislator to discuss his wife, Cori Merryman, who’s running for Mohave County sheriff. Much of the discussion in the three-and-a-half hour conversation focused on that race, and McInerney’s belief that Borrelli and people tied to his campaign were spreading lies about Merryman and working to get her opponent elected.

Borrelli told the Capitol Times that his comments were not directed at all voters who support Gould, but only specific voters McInerney referred to in their conversation. McInerney was upset because Steve Robinson, a former Mohave County Republican Party official, had been campaigning against his wife, while also urging voters to vote for Borrelli.

Borrelli said McInerney told him that people Robinson speaks to “were supporting me, and then all of a sudden they’re not supporting me because of Steve Robinson and that kind of stuff.”

Borrelli said McInerney was trying to connect him to Robinson, and asked Borrelli to disavow Robinson’s comments. Borrelli said he’s not associated with Robinson, but won’t discourage him from expressing his opinion in the election. The “ignorant, c—sucking idiots” are those who would cast a ballot for Gould based on Robinson’s actions, Borrelli said.

“Did I use colorful language against people that want to believe Ron Gould’s lies? Yeah, I used colorful language. It’s no secret that I’ve lost all total respect for Mr. Gould (for) calling me names in the paper, implying that my stepson’s a liar,” Borrelli said. “You know, it’s something when you’re campaigning and you’re talking about an issue, and you might spin it a little bit. But when you flat out, out-and-out lie about somebody, I don’t have any respect for you.”

“Do I respect the voters of my district? Yes, I do,” he later added.

Gould said that if anyone has lied during the campaign in LD5, it’s Borrelli. And the issue of Borrelli’s domestic violence charge has never come up on the campaign trail, Gould claimed.

“In reality, this shows the real Sonny Borrelli, who’s a foul mouth. And if you look at the campaign, it’s actually Mr. Borrelli who’s done all the negative campaigning,” Gould said.

Borrelli’s rambling conversation with McInerney also touched on Borrelli’s 2001 guilty plea to a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, which stemmed from an incident in which Borrelli allegedly punched his wife multiple times, according to a Lake Havasu City Police report.

Borrelli has denied details of the police report and said he pleaded guilty to a class 1 misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge to put the issue to rest, a claim backed up by Borrelli’s stepson, whose testimony police relied on heavily in their 2001 report.

In the recorded conversation, he claimed his then-wife tried to recant her testimony to police. Yet the prosecutor at the time, Borrelli told McInerney, was a “feminazi” and threatened to sue his wife if she changed her version of the events.

“She wanted a notch on her gun,” Borrelli told the Capitol Times. “Somebody had to take the fall, I took the fall.”

Borrelli said he thought the conversation he had with McInerney was private, but that clearly McInerney has a vendetta against anyone he perceives as against his wife in the race for Mohave County sheriff.

“It is what it is, and that’s his motive,” Borrelli said. “And also he’s a Ron Gould supporter, so they’re going to pull out every dirty trick they can get this close to the election.”


  1. I would like to hear the entire recording.

  2. Sure seems like Borelli has anger management issues when you listen to that recording!

  3. A class act befitting Lake Havasu’s political climate.

  4. Apparently his anger management classes he had to take didn’t do much good.

  5. Maybe there is some truth to Kelli Ward’s chemtrails and something has contaminated the water in Mohave county. What else would explain the erratic behavior of its elected officials?

  6. Wow, what a disgrace to the Corps.
    Americans who disagree with his politics are “c*nts”? That’s not the America I live in. Go back to Iran or China or Russia you disloyal POS.
    We need to tighten up recruiting for the Marine Corps if we allow anti-American a*holes like Borelli to join.

  7. I have obtained a copy of the entire conversation and I’m not surprised, as I saw this side of Borrelli during the 2014 campaign and I lost all respect for him then. I am of the opinion that he is an angry misogynist and I pray that if I get elected to the AZ House that I will be working with Ron Gould, as Joseph “Sonny” Borrelli does not seem to like women he can’t control. Even as a voter I do not want “Sonny” representing me.

  8. I don’t know a thing about Borrelli. But I DO know that Ed McInerney plasters Facebook with campaign videos for his wife Cori Merryman – one of four candidates for Mohave County sheriff.

    In response to one of those videos about national issues having nothing to do with the job of county sheriff I posted my questions regarding crime in Meadview, accidents due to free ranging cows and the effects on the already strained budget of the sheriff’s office.

    When Ed McInerney aka Ed Mac and his wife Cori Merryman ignored my questions, I posted again and Ed McInerney told me to send Merryman a private message with my questions. I did, and once again she ignored me.

    Then I met Merryman at a candidate forum in person, I asked her about my private message with my questions and she had no answers for me right there, claimed ignorance.

    When she finally DID post answers on Facebook, they were incoherent. In fact, they were so incoherent that Merryman deleted comment with “answers.”

    After I posted the link to the video of the Mohave County sheriff forum in response to Ed McInerney’s campaign posts, he BLOCKED me on Facebook so that I could no longer see his posts or respond to them. Merryman didn’t look so good at the sheriff’s forum and they don’t want the voters to see that.

    A lot has been written about Ed McInerney and Merryman’s tactics on Facebook. Merryman is also being sued for defamation and her motion to dismiss the suit was recently denied.

    Based on my PERSONAL experiences with those two characters, I sure hope Merryman won’t be our next sheriff.

  9. First off people need to realize that Ed McInerney has ZERO credit and has made his wife’s campaign a laughing mess. He has attacked anyone who asks questions to the candidate on social media. Attacking current deputies wives, employees of the county and activly, concerned citizens. His wife has miniscule experience and has exaggerated her experience and has lied about her record even when it was released to the public. Coru Merryman and Ed McInerney are NOT good for Mohave County; the citizens or the Deputies.

  10. I am surprised that you are attacking the messenger. Borrelli is the one who is cussing in this article. This kind of speech is not what we want in a representative.

  11. Do a lot of people record this telephone conversations? Wow. Borrelli should have known better but wow. Politics in Havasu just went third-world with all this cloak & dagger public smearing…

  12. “C********r” is the politicians’ word of the day.
    Senator Sonny musta been listening to Maine’s pitiful governor Paul Le Page:

  13. Gee whiz, so a Politician used some colorful language. Grow up. I’m not a Borrelli fan, and certainly not a fan of Ron Gould, but grow up people and climb down off your morality crosses. I believe the text reads “Don’t point out the splinter in your brother’s eye when you have a two by four in your own” — The New New New King James translation! Let’s stop caring about the color of their language or under garments, celestial or not and focus on legislative records please.

  14. Time for “sonny” to grow up. The point being missed is that “Sonny” Borrelli, a public figure who wants to represent us, is not speaking as a private citizen, and he has extreme anger and vulgarity in speaking of his constituents who choose to vote for another candidate:

    “If these ignorant, c—sucking idiots want to vote for that f—— phony, lying piece of s—, they can get what they deserve.”

    Joseph “Sonny” Borrelli is upset that he revealed himself, that we now know what hateful, angry condescension he really harbors behind his phony smile and “politicking” (if we were still immune to the revelation of his wife-beating and victim-blaming). He’s trying desperately with smoke and mirrors to point the finger away from his own f—— phony, lying piece of s— reflection staring back at him.

    Borrelli was not on a personal call with Ed McInerty–he was on a political call discussing people and issues related to the current election. He seems to be desperately attempting to avert the attention from the real issue at hand, by saying McInerty did something wrong by sharing the truth about “Sonny”, just like “sonny’s” wife was wrong for letting people/the police know she was being abused. “Sonny” sees himself as the victim when he is caught, and wants to manipulate us into feeling sorry for the perp and enabling his habit.

    “Sonny” needs to grow up, and take responsibility for what he does with his fists and says with his mouth…especially since he wants to play Senator.

  15. They say people who curse are honest. We do not know Sonny Borrelli or his crazy ex wife. For some reason the crazy woman is listed as related to us! We received mail addressed to her! She is also online listed as living at my Mother in Laws house! No no no she does not. And we don’t know her or Sonny!

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