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Let’s welcome robust, uncomfortable, contentious discussion (access required)

The state of Arizona is experiencing a paradigm shift. We spent the last 30 years taking as much water off the Colorado River as possible to keep it away from California. Now, the waters of the Colorado River are not only fully subscribed each year, but over-allocated compared to the true yield of the river.

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Arizona Public Service, the largest utility in Arizona, is a regulated monopoly with 1.2 million customers. By state law, the energy giant is shielded from competition and guaranteed a profit. In return, government regulators — in theory — protect consumers and our state from price gouging, environmental devastation, and other misbehavior. Sadly for all of us, last week offered another reminder that even its sweetheart deal with the state is not good enough for APS’s executives. Instead APS has decided that its pathway to maximum profits requires polluting our politics and governance as much as it requires polluting our air.